About the Geoffrey Young Gallery

“If the idea of a summer gallery conjures visions of pastel seascapes and lacquered Don Quixotes, visit this tiny space in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Young opened the gallery 12 years ago as an outlet for trophies from bicoastal studio visits, Most of the works are small, affordable, and presciently selected. I first saw the art of James Siena, Alexander Ross, Kenneth Goldsmith, Marjory Reid, Keith Boadwee, Michelle Segre, and the Reverend Paul Plante there. And it’s the only place I’ve ever seen Gregory Crewdson’s firefly images. This past summer I discovered the altered porn-magazine pictures of San Francisco artist Benji Whalen, who paints flannel pajamas on reclining women in clumsy, edgy attempt to turn them chaste.”

–Laurie Simmons, ARTFORUM

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Photo by Cary Smith

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