Clark Coolidge Reading, Sunday, September 18, 5:30 PM

On September 18th, at 5:30, Sunday afternoon, the Geoffrey Young Gallery
will host a reading by Clark Coolidge, legendary avant-garde poet.

Coolidge lived in the Berkshires for 25 years before moving to
Northern California in the late 90s. Prolific, musical, refreshingly
unpredictable, Coolidge is held in high regard by generations of younger
poets who see in his work a wealth of exemplary freedoms and brilliance.

Among other things, he will be reading from the new edition of his now
classic, early 80s prose book, MINE: The One That Enters the Stories,
published by The Figures in Great Barrington.

Coolidge is the author of more than 25 collections of poetry and prose, and
is the editor of the complete lectures and interviews of Philip Guston (from
University of California Press, 2006), a painter with whom Coolidge
collaborated on a large body of drawings, in the 70s.

Coolidge is a jazz drummer, an amateur spelunker, and a
generous contributor of poems and criticism to small magazines and presses
in the English speaking world. His reading at the gallery will be his only
reading on the East Coast, this year. It's free. Don't miss it.

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