ART SHOW OPENING: “Occupation," September 2nd

Featuring the work of three artists: Benjamin Degen, Joshua Marsh, &
Roberto Molla.

"Occupation" presents the work of three young artists of exceptional talent. If painting and drawing define what they do, their occupations are radically different than the kind we see trumpeted in the daily news. These artists have not invaded a foreign country, nor do they defend or attack on behalf of an imperial power. They have, on the other hand, as if to redeem the quagmire the invaders are stuck in, created artworks of exceptional beauty and intelligence. Going their own way, sticking to their own visions--their own dreams--each artist has discovered new terrain in which to explore issues of imagery, technique, eros and transformation.

Among other things, New Yorker Benjamin Degen paints fences, old barn interiors, & excited couplings with deliberate care, limning in scenes with narrow, short brushstrokes, in close-valued colors that abstract even as they describe the action. Pointillism and Constructivism are often linked in the same picture, to amazing effect.

Joshua Marsh exploits the conventions of the still life to subvert easy readings, his feather-brush technique celebrating (and calling into question) object-filled surfaces with great sophistication and feeling. His graphite drawings explore single objects in bucolic settings--like a doorstop, or a shovel--in a backyard where a narrow stream rushes past a thicket of foliage.

Roberto Molla, from Valencia, Spain, draws oozy globular images on European graph paper in Asian teahouse settings. On canvas, his imagery runs toward exhausted modernism's obvious tropes (a figure in a field that is in itself a mechanical cartoon character). He has exhibited work in Japan, New York, Los Angeles, as well as all over Spain. His paintings have been influenced by Japanese pop culture's anime, Picabia's figurative work, as well as the metaphysical paintings of early DiChirico and Surrealism.

There will be a reception for the artists on September 2nd, from 5:30--7:30, to which everyone is invited.

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