“Pickup Lines” Art Show
PRESS RELEASE July 8, 2004

ART SHOW OPENING: “Pickup Lines”, July 24th - August 14th

The Geoffrey Young Gallery is proud to present "Pickup Lines," an exhibition
featuring work on paper by a brilliant cast of known and unknown artists
from New York and Los Angeles, whose work will joust on the wall for
aesthetic hegemony, critical supremacy, or ideological inscrutability.

Line and color will be in the service of ideas both public and private, both
abstract and representational.

Linking artists such as James Siena and Ernesto Caivano, whose works were
included in this year's Whitney Biennial, to the work of veteran
abstractionists such as Thomas Nozkowski and Cary Smith, the show is
interested in seeing what will happen when a generation of younger artists
is put in the same room with a generation of artists soon to turn fifty.
What stylistic differences will be apparent? What issues of content, and

How will the rock song memory drawings of the young John Kleckner appear
near the masterful mid-career work of Steve diBenedetto? How will Dan
Zeller's exquisite ink drawings (like topographical studies of places too
fine to exist) affect the fantastical improvisations of the 24 year old
wonderkind, Kirsten Deirup, when she presents her "Pet Clouds" and "Sofa

There will be a reception July 24th, from 5:30-7:30. All are invited. The show will continue through August 14th. Gallery hours: Wednesday – Saturday, from 11 am to 5 pm.

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