Press Release: "Twenty-Twenty": September 7, 2007 - September 30, 2007

Justin Valdes,
“We Ran For Cover”
graphite & colored pencil on paper

Betsy Friedman,
“Gift Drawing no. 11”


Opening reception is Friday, September 7, 5:30-7:30.

Justin Valdes · Daniel Zeller · Betsy Friedman · S. Clay Wilson · Neil Whitacre
Haeri Yoo · Joseph Belden

The Geoffrey Young Gallery is proud to present “TWENTY-TWENTY,” a group show of work on paper by two California artists (Valdes and Wilson), one Oregon artist (Whitacre), and two New York artists (Zeller and Friedman).

Known for exacting craftsmanship in the service of brilliant visions, Dan Zeller and legendary Zap cartoonist S. Clay Wilson explore impossible topographies, one geologic, the other psychological (“Ruby the Dyke” on motorcycle). Neil Whitacre’s brightly colored works present characters from sub-cults often overlooked, in the act of doing specific things like fishing in the Everglades, or walking tipsily with martini in hand, or boiling a mongoose.

Betsy Friedman’s newest works re-frame the purity of Shaker imagery in her own formal language which involves gorgeous scratch art with tiny fruit-like eyeballs (googlies) attached. Justin Valdes makes precision-tuned, elegant drawings of books in fractured settings, their pages open, his nearly Cubist sense of space a challenge to literacy and the object’s autonomy.

New Fall Gallery Hours: Friday-Sunday, 11-5pm

Justin Valdes, “Textbook Ziggurat”
graphite & colored pencil on paper

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